The base of every transport company is the fleet of truck they own and the truck drivers. If truck drivers are not hired after complete background check and verification, it can lead to serious problems.

Transport Services are the base of economy and truck drivers the agents which support this industry. They have some certain duties and responsibilities which should be duly met otherwise the entire industry would crumble. The best transporters are always on a lookout for reliable and competent drivers so that even any problem crops up during course of transit it can be handled effectively. Also, these days all trucks are fitted with modern technology such as GPs trackers, so it is vital that the truck drivers are educated so that they can make use of new technology without any issue. Most of the Delhi to Kolkata Transport Company hire truck drivers after careful inspection and scrutiny. This is to ensure that no bad element makes way in the company.

Mentioned below are some of duties of truck drivers:

  1. Safe and secure transport of goods– It is duty of truck driver to make certain that goods are transported safely and securely. If goods are stolen or mishandled during course of transit, the onus is on the driver. If the goods do not reach end destination in proper condition due to fault of driver, he will be penalized.
  2. Prompt action in case of breakdown-In case there is breakdown due to any reason on course of transit; it becomes duty of driver to take immediate action so that there is no delay in transport of goods. The Logistics Company should be informed at the earliest so that help reaches the place of breakdown as soon as possible. In case of perishable items, a slight delay can actually cause complete waste of consignment.
  3. Inspection of vehicle- Truck drivers should carry out periodic inspection of vehicles so that that any kind of defect or problem can be figured out and preventive maintenance can be carried out. At times just oiling of tools and machinery is needed and if it is not down, it can lead serious consequences.
  4. Planning of routes- Though the routes are planned by the back-end team, it is truck drivers who are actually aware of the real things. They can suggest which route is better so as to avoid issues like congestion, poor road conditions, etc.

If a truck- driver performs his duties and responsibilities with utmost care, goods and consignments will be transported seamlessly. It is vital that truck drivers stick to their stipulated work hours so that they do not over stress themselves. If a truck driver is tired and sleep deprived, the incidence of accidents on road grows tremendously. Efforts should be made by a truck driver to deliver goods on time and not to take any unnecessary breaks which can lead to postponement in delivery of goods.

Few Some Top Transport City in India

Make career in following Transport Companies India

  1. Trukky Logistics

Trukky is a Logistics aggregator offering On-demand Transportation solutions to cater to all your goods movement in both full load and part load capacity. We aim to deliver quality service at competitive price and back up every shipment with latest technology & outstanding customer service

  1. Blackbuck

Today, BlackBuck is India’s largest trucking network, and our robust ‘Freight’ and ‘Services’ technology platforms deliver reliability, efficiency and seamless experience for shippers and truckers.

  1. Delhivery

Delhivery’s aim is to build the operating system for commerce in India. We provide parcel transportation, warehousing, freight, reverse logistics, cross-border and technology services to over 5000 customers including all of India’s largest e-commerce companies and leading enterprises.


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