What are the must-do Car mechanical repair service Dubai?

Car Mechanical Repair Service Dubai

Cars are machines. And just like all machines, they also undergo wear and tear through continuous usage. Every machine including cars need to go through its scheduled maintenance and services check, so they can run smoothly without a hitch or just coming to a stuttering stop in the middle of nowhere. 


To avoid such untoward incidents and also to make sure your car stays as such for a long time affording to give you a high value on resale, ensure you take good care by taking it for car mechanical repair service Dubai. 


There are multiple systems in the car with every system having multiple moving parts in them.  Each of these parts and systems is checked for wear, its functional integrity, and then a diagnosis is done to either repair the part or to completely replace them. If these checks are skipped for a prolonged time then parts can be damaged beyond salvageable levels leading to accidents and failures. It will then lead to complete system replacements that will cost you an arm and leg.


Just as you would not self diagnose yourself with a disease or an illness and much rather visit a specialist doctor with your symptoms or any ailments. You should consider taking your car to an experienced mechanic, who has years of experience, a certain certification or qualification to work on cars, and most of all, a clear understanding and knowledge of the car’s functionality and individual systems workings. 


Car mechanical repair service Dubai needs to be done more often, as the environmental conditions warrant you to do so. The heat and dust are quite relentless on the systems of the car. Especially the AC and Coolant systems. The tires are no less stressed than the battery. All the car mechanical system (including the electronic control modules) are hampered by the punishing heat prevalent in the UAE. Hence, it is highly advisable to ensure top car maintenance in the UAE.


Car Mechanical Repair Service Dubai

What do they do during car mechanical repair service Dubai?


Here is a checklist of the different parts and systems that mechanics inspect during your regular car checkup. And also the remedial measures that will be followed.


  1. Battery and Cables

Battery terminals are checked to see if they are corroded and are loose. Heat depletes the battery water level. It is checked and topped up. Loose corroded terminals do not let the battery charge or discharge properly, bringing down the service life of the battery.


2. Engine and Gearbox Mounting

After considerable usage and mileage, the engine and gearbox mounts tend to get fractured. It is also important to ensure the gearbox is clean, well-lubricated and kept cool. 


3. Dashboard Indicators

The car’s interior is also checked, the car’s dashboard and the indicators could get damaged through exposure and hence it checked to see if they are functional.


4. Brakes

The Brake pads could be eroding and the brake fluid levels may be low. Regular car mechanical repair services ensure that the brakes and its parts like the brake pad, brake liners, brake calipers, and parking brakes are checked for wear and the fluid is topped up for effective braking.


5. Coolant

Heat is the main enemy for cars. Dissipating heat becomes the primary requirement to ensure proper functionality. Hence, care has to be taken to ensure the coolant levels are optimum. The right coolant for your make and model needs to be regularly checked and topped up.


6. Air filter

The air filter ensures that the car combustion chambers do not intake any impurities. But they get clogged up after a while, the air filters are checked for such clogs and if needed are replaced.


7. AC Filter

The AC filter is also to ensure no debris or dust particles get into the HVAC system. During the regular maintenance check, the air filter is checked for clogs


8. Hoses

Hoses are weak components in the car systems. Engine overheating, power steering and electrical charging losses can be attributed to hose damages. Hence, these are always checked for any systems losses.


9. Wheels and Tyres

The tires are the only part of the car that touches the road. They undergo considerable damage on the road due to the heat generated by friction. Even the wheel rims can get damaged due to potholes. These are checked to ensure whether their service life is still there, or they need to be replaced for safety.


10. Steering Fluid

Power steering is hydraulic steering, the fluid helps to not only steer the vehicle smoothly with less effort, but it also ensures that no grit gets on to the rack. This is a crucial check for a smooth driving experience.


11. Wiper Blade and it’s working

Wiper blades are made of rubber, they become brittle and damage quite often. If left as it is, they will streak and damage the windshield and also hamper the vision of the road while driving. 


12. Drive Belts

The drive belts connect vital car systems – the water pump, AC compressor, alternator, starter, power steering pump. These systems are driven by the engine pulley. Failure of a drive belt could be catastrophic to the car. Therefore, during car mechanical repair services in Dubai,  these drive belts are checked mandatorily.

13. Engine Oil and Oil filter

The engine oil acts as a lubricating layer between the piston and the combustion chamber. It ensures there is no metal to metal contact that causes friction and wear. It helps to dissipate heat and keep the engine working effectively and efficiently. Oil filter ensures that no dirt gets into the engine chambers.


Similarly, Transmission fluid, suspension, spark plugs, fuel filter, all lights, and the exhaust systems are checked for their optimum performance. 


To avail such a thorough and comprehensive car mechanical repair services in Dubai and for state-of-the-art car maintenance in the UAE, visit ZDegree. They have 8 different garage services centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. They understand the individualistic needs of different make and model of cars and offer specialized services for cars like Lamborghini, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Maserati Audi, BMW, Ferrari to name a few.


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