How much do you spend on car maintenance each year? Perhaps once in a year because of the high expenses. Or perhaps frequently! Even if your car gets frequent care, maintenance and replacement costs can take a big bite out of your wallet. Isn’t it? But, do not worry as you will not be taught how to repair an engine or even dirty your hands. Instead, you will get some idea about how to save thousands of dollars.. Here are a few suggestions about how car maintenance in UAE can save your money.

Rotate your car tyres to get your car maintenance easy in the streets of UAE!

Usually, the front and rear tyres wear differently. That’s because front tyres carry more than 60% of your car’s weight, and thus it wears down faster than the rear ones. Wears depends on turning a driver takes. Right-hand-drive drivers, generally take right turns faster than they do left turns. This causes more load on the left front tire which results in the left tire wearing faster than right. Thus, after thousands of miles of driving, you end up with uneven tread wear.

The best way for car maintenance in the UAE is to rotate your car tyres. It is because rotating tires equalizes these natural wear patterns by changing the positions of your car tires. This simple 15 minutes job will save you a lot of money in the long run by extending the life of your car tires.

Keeping your car clean is the ultimate way to car maintenance  in UAE

Water, mud, salt, and calcium destroys metal. So be smart enough to keep your car sparkling. Leaving dirt and salt on your car speeds up the process of oxidization, which in turn corrodes the metal. This will affect the resale value of your vehicle. So better, rinse your car off once a week and give it a proper rustproofing treatment every one or two years. 

Keep the right parts of the car dry while car maintenance works in UAE!

Usually, drivers are seen parking their cars carelessly near the garage door. And seen to be dragging the car when the rain starts pouring. So, you should not leave your car parked outside or let your car get rained on. Instead, try keeping your car parts dry or else your pocket may burn out while doing the car maintenance in a car workshop in Dubai.

Keeping your car tyres inflated is the best way to car maintenance in UAE!

Make sure to get a proper tyre pressure to improve the gas mileage of your car. You can check for the correct tyre pressure level for your car printed on the driver’s side door. Buy a tire gauge and check your tyre pressure at least once a month.

Need car maintenance in UAE? Sometimes, do it all by yourself!

Don’t you think it’s better to do some jobs all by yourself rather than depending on a car mechanic? You can change wiper blades and air filters as a part of car maintenance in UAE as they are easy as compared to getting the other jobs done for your car.

Shop around for tyres in UAE for extra savings whenever you need car maintenance! 

When you plan to change your tyres, make sure to shop around and get plenty of quotes to get a quick run-through of the prices of tyres all over! So, that if you do not like the price tag in a shop, you can always haggle onto a different tyre shop!

The best way to save money in UAE for car maintenance is to change your brakes!

Having your car’s brakes checked regularly can help you save hugely on repair bills. This is because badly-worn brake pads can cause excessive pressure on wheel cylinders and can lead to major repairs. Not having the brakes checked regularly can cost more than just a routine brake job.


Find a reputable auto repair shop for car maintenance in UAE!

Always make sure to look for a reputed car workshop dealer in Dubai that keep stocks for all the parts and accessories of your car, van pickup trucks and motorbikes!  

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