The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is really getting serious, and the government has taken precautionary measures to reduce the spread of infection during these times. The country is made to follow social distancing for the next few days to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. Still, people are bound to step out of the house sometimes and use cars as delivery and emergency services are the only way to reach out to people at this tough time. Cars are carriers of not a single person but also of dust, grime, bacteria, all of which something like the COVID-19 can latch onto. If you think keeping your self sanitized is the only solution to stay safe, then you are wrong. It’s more important to car interior cleaning during this time to safeguard you and your family’s health. 

Checklist for the best health of your car interior cleaning to fight against the Coronavirus.



  • Notice the Grey areas


Places such as the headliner, window glass, headrest, and all the exterior door handle in your car need to be cleaned regularly because these are few places you often come in contact with. 

  1. Vacuum regularly

Well, as you start driving, your car collects dust and the UAE weather does no favours in reducing that. So, it’s best to vacuum the car regularly to minimize infections. Clean the carpets, floor mats, levers, the cargo space or else you can also get it steamed from any professional. If your car has fabric seats, make sure to deep clean it with soapy water as fabric seats tend to soak in the bacteria, which can be a breeding ground for infections. 


  • Clean the high touch surfaces!


Clean all the high touch surfaces with an interior cleaner that includes all the knobs, switches, buttons, screens and more. Make sure that the cleaner is diluted as its acidic property may damage the touchscreen display. You can use a clean cloth while wiping the high touch surfaces to avoid the damage.


  • Clean toys, gadgets, tablets while doing the car interior cleaning!


If you drive with children, do not forget to clean the toys and the handheld games with detergents as these are the only mediums through which the children get infected the most. Do not forget to clean the back of the seats as those are the places that mostly come in contact with children. Besides everything, wipe down smaller storage pockets, trays and even the seatbelt from time-to-time.


  • Most importantly do not forget to store sanitizers, wet wipes, and masks!


As you know it is suggested everywhere to keep a bottle of sanitizer and mask with you, it will not be bad if you keep a small kit consisting of a hand sanitizer and a mask in the glovebox. You can also keep wet wipes in it in order to frequently clean the high touch surfaces like the steering wheel, door handles, gear shift knob, handbrake lever, and other controls. 


  • Clean the air conditioners of your car!


Viruses, in general, can propagate through air conditioning systems, and the filters fitted to such systems aren’t necessarily capable of catching things as small as viruses. So, it’s important to clean the air conditioners of your car by simply spraying the cleaning product in through the car’s interior air vents. It won’t be as good as proper, dealer clean, but it’s better than nothing. Although it’s not yet known how prevalent Covid-19 is in the air, but you would get to inhale much of it through your car’s system from outside. Especially when you would be traveling with others in the car, the possibility of spreading the virus within the car would be more, with the air conditioning system circulating around the cabin. 


People often think taking the car for car wash services would cost much. So, they prefer doing the car detailing all by themselves. It’s true that money is important, but health is important above all. So, without wasting much of your time, take your car to a professional auto workshop for a thorough car interior cleaning. No idea about where to give your car a thorough wash in Dubai? Well, all this while when you are quarantined at home, google  “car wash near me”, and visit the ZDEGREE website. They are not only known for having the best professional car detailer but is also the world-class auto workshop in the entire Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. You can have complete trust in the services of ZDEGREE as the detailers take great care while cleaning your car and undergo all kinds of spray treatment to break down mould, virus or bacteria.


As suggested by the legal bodies, apart from regularly washing your hands and sanitizing it, you need to maintain social distancing and avoid mass gathering. But how would you give your car a complete car wash in Dubai without stepping out of home? Well, be it a store or online, only ZDEGREE has made it possible to serve you everywhere. You can enjoy your quarantine days being safe with your family while getting your car interior cleaning done without any hindrance at your doorstep. And, you are just a click behind to get the service at an affordable price. Stay calm and stay healthy! Only humanity will pull through this! Click and book the appointment today!


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