Otani Tires: The best car tires for a smooth driving experience

Otani Tires

Are you a car enthusiast and often panic when any of the car parts are damaged? Then, no doubt you are a true car lover. And being a true car lover you must be knowing why and how people spend lacs to maintain the looks of cars no matter what it takes. Apart from bonnet, hood, quality of its seat, different accessories, one thing that remains in common and is the most important part without which your car won’t move is? Yes, you have got it right! It’s Otani tires! And when it comes to tyres, you always look for the best out of the best ones!


If you do a bit of research, you will come across many such tire brands that are blooming in the market. But how would you know which tyres to rely on? How would you know which brand would be long-lasting and pocket-friendly?


Among many, you can always go for the Otani Tires manufactured by Otani Tire Co. Limited, a Thai based manufacturer. They make different types of PCR tires and after going through extensive research they come up with such innovative designs that make Otani tyres quite economical. As the tyres are manufactured in its origin country, Thailand, Otani enjoys the reputation and demand that it receives from the customer’s satisfaction in terms of quality and performance. So, without giving it a second thought, you can go for it as it promises to deliver you the tires with exceptional performance for your daily commute.


Not just one, Otani Car Tires Dubai, has eight models based on your car type. Each model is unique in its designs.


The different model of Otani Car Tires Dubai:

Types of Otani tires

  1. EK1000
  2. KC2000
  3. SA1000
  4. BM1000
  5. EK2000
  6. MK1000
  7. MK2000
  8. RK1000



  • EK1000



The model EK1000 adds on to a great value for money, without ever compromising on the comfort and performance of the tire. It comes up with an asymmetrical tread design that aids you with a firm and remarkable grip on both parched & soppy conditions. They are specially engineered tread compounds that deliver the driving comfort at high speed and low noise. 



  • KC2000



Do you have fun driving your sports car at a high speed in the cities of Dubai? Then, for sure, you would love the model KC2000 of Otani Tires. The design of this model differs greatly from the first one. It comes up with a unique tread compound and has a sporty asymmetrical tread design that not only gives you stability at high speeds, but also takes care of the safety features by enabling shorter brake distance and high fuel efficiency. As sporty tires are extremely silent, these tires come up with dents on the groove walls, which reduce the noise of the car.



  • SA1000



Do you use your car more often? Do you often go for a long drive? Then the model SA1000 is a perfect match for you. This model is exclusive as it’s versatile enough to provide you with super comfort and a firm grip in all the terrains. SA1000 is a specially designed tread compound that not only gives you stability; it also gives you good control even at high speeds.


  • BM1000


This Otani Tire model comes up with a wide centerline circumferential groove to resist the hydroplaning and loss of control in soggy conditions. While the large tread blocks ensure to increase the amount of surface area in contact with the road. This model not only helps you to have a firm grip it also helps you to have good control over brakes. So, if you are in search of such tires, go for this model!


  • EK2000


This exclusive model EK2000 from Otani Tires is manufactured for various applications that include long-haul, mixed driving conditions and mostly for on and off-road. You can also opt for this model while going for a long drive.


  • MK1000


This model is given a robust design to enhance the durability and its load-carrying capacity. Besides that, it has casing all over which provides the tire with high endurance.

So, if you are searching for a tire that would resist quite a heavy load, then this MK1000 is perfect for you. 


  • MK2000


This is a brand new model from Otani and is an all-season light truck tire. It is specially designed to deliver stability and precise control over handling in all modes of terrain.


  • RK1000

This is designed for drivers of commercial pickup trucks and vans, optimized for highway driving. It comes up with a robust tire structure and is most suitable for loading heavyweight.


Where could you get these amazing Otani Tires from? 


Of course, ZDEGREE as they are the best, and one of the most trusted dealers having well-trained staff in eight service centers operational in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. ZDEGREE is an automotive maintenance company that serves customers with the highest service that includes tires, brakes, mechanical services, electrical services, batteries and auto parts. Be it a black beast Mercedes or a red hot SUV, they serve all types of individual and fleet passenger cars, including light commercial vehicles and trucks.


Who doesn’t want to have extra facilities at an affordable price? Apart from their excellent tire repair service UAE, there are 8 more reasons to choose them

They offer you with:


Different Otani tire repair services in UAE:


  1. Free flat tyre repairs
  2. Free brake inspection
  3. Free alignment inspection
  4. Free tire fitment
  5. Free Wi-Fi connectivity
  6. Free lifetime rotation
  7. Free air pressure check
  8. Free 24-point safety inspection


They are one of the first online tire shop companies in the country where they are committed to serving you 24/7 with great facilities, ease and convenience. So, when looking for a pocket-friendly Otani Tyre price for your Car tires Dubai, shop online through  ZDEGREE and enjoy great deals!


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