What are the important features in a car?

It takes barely 5 seconds to pull up or roll down your window, all at the touch of a button. Most cars today offer this car features and has become a must-have in every Buying a car is always a big deal, no matter if it’s your first car or third. If you are buying a car for the first time, it is common advice by experts that you should buy a used car. It is better to experiment and practice on a used car instead of a super expensive new one because you are bound to make a lot of mistakes while getting to know everything about the car.

Top 5 Safety Features in Car

Speaking of car knowledge, you need to do extensive research about the necessary and latest features in a car before buying them. There are a lot of websites on the internet that provide comprehensive car news, road tests, test drives, car reviews and so on to aid your research. Make sure to arm yourself with proper information while hunting for the right car. That being said, this article highlights some features that a car in 2018 must have.

Remote Control Entry and Start

Opening and starting a car with keys? That’s ancient history. The cars in 2018 must have keyless entry and push button start system. Your car should be a place for utmost convenience and comfort but you don’t get it when you accidentally lock yourself out and have to search for lost keys or worse, break open the door. Calling a locksmith to replace the locks is totally out of the question. Make sure to look for cars that offer remote control start and entry system.

A 360 Degree Camera for Car

All drivers know that keeping an eye on traffic around the car is a difficult yet important part of driving. A 360 degree camera just makes it easier. This feature is relatively new and will probably cost a few extra dollars however, it is highly useful. It allows you to keep an on all sides of traffic, help backing out and navigate tight spaces. You can also opt for a separate backup assist but having a 360-degree camera provides multiple driving benefits at once.

Infotainment Display in Car

Almost all cars in this decade have infotainment display and it will only become more advanced in the future. You can view navigation map, attend calls, texts and answer e-mails. Listening to music is a must while driving and the latest entertainment features are must for the bored backseat passengers especially children. Make sure the car supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so that everyone can get the best driving experience in your car.

Car Wi-Fi Hotspot and USB Hub

Is any list completed without Wi-Fi? We need internet access wherever we are and considering the amount of time people spend in their cars, Wi-Fi is a must. Look for a car that supports Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can access all the amazing features of your infotainment display. Moreover, the car should have USB hubs for phone recharging and playing music directly from your smartphone.

Car Smart Headlight System

Headlights can be tricky to operate and often requires unnecessary motions by the driver. A smart headlight system can automatically turn on and off as per requirement and also adjust the lighting according to the circumstances. That’s one less thing to worry about while driving.

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