“Drive slow, bump ahead!”, “don’t drink and drive”, “wear a helmet while driving”, “ put on your seatbelt while driving” are a few common safety measures we have been following so far for our own safety on roads! But while talking about road safety we often miss out on Headlight Alignment. It can get misaligned at times and can cause trouble to us as well as others on the road. It really gets annoying and is quite dangerous as well when the dazzling headlights from the oncoming vehicles glare at you. Someone once said “shining bright lights at each other are not road safety”, and so it’s important to have your car’s headlights in good working condition to ensure safety.

Headlight alignment


Here are a few ways by which you can check the headlight alignment of your car. As properly aligned headlights not only light up the road, they help illuminate road signs and any animals that might jump out onto the road.


Checking the headlight alignment of your car isn’t difficult. You just need to check on a few things: First, you need to park your car on flat ground and make sure your car is at the level. Second, you need a plain wall and pull the car as close as possible and turn on your car lights. Well, this is the only way, to find the centers of the low-beam headlights. And before you start your car, always make sure to keep your car’s headlight a cm lower for every meter you move your car from the starting point.  


Importance of a car’s headlight alignment

There are plenty of factors that can cause an accident at night, poor visibility is clearly one of them. The main reason why headlights are necessary is that headlights help to illuminate the roadway so that you can drive around safely.

Often people face problems while riding on uneven surfaces of the road & steep climbings. This is when your car’s powerful headlight comes into the picture.


Maintenance of your car headlight is equally important

“See and be seen” is the thumb rule of every responsible driver so, while driving at night, you need to ensure if different parts of your car are working efficiently and at top performance levels. Just like your car tires, brakes, and fluids need to be inspected, it is also important to have your car’s headlights and taillights checked. The simple way is to regularly clean your car, and polish the plastic lenses. It’s because lenses can become yellowish due to accumulated dirt and dust,  which can affect your car’s headlamps. Keep a check on your headlight bulbs and replace as and when required.

Your car’s headlights need a mechanic too!

Most people don’t realize the benefits of headlight restoration until it starts getting difficult to drive in the dark due to hazy or cloudy headlights. Despite taking good care of your car’s headlights still, you need to get your car’s headlight restoration, done at least once a year by the expert technicians to make sure that the headlights are functioning properly. 


And when it’s time to take your luxurious car to the expert technicians, you generally search for – “headlight restoration near me”. Instead of doing that and getting confused as which service center would be the best to opt for,  we suggest you go directly to ZDEGREE, a leading automotive maintenance company in Dubai, UAE. They have experienced technicians who provide you with thorough mechanical services right from the headlight alignment and brake adjustments to AC repair and car detailing so that you get a safer and smoother driving experience. Not only this but they also answer your queries related to the products and your vehicle issues. You can also buy tires online from their online store.


ZDEGREE would give you all the privileges you expect from a maintenance company. When headlight maintenance is easy and quick why not take time to increase your car’s safety and give it a check? Click here for booking an appointment.



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