Online Freight and Transportation Management 

 Strategic freight and the transport management trends for 2020 encompass varied features which will ultimately define the future and success of the upcoming supply chain. The latest trends point to amalgamation of new technologies and working with a dedicated team of professionals to achieve better freight and the transport management 

Main objectives of perfect Freight and Transportation Management 

  • To achieve a perfect and harmonious combination of operational efficiency  
  • To secure the seamless customer satisfaction 
  • To get transparency and visibility  
  • To measure and analyze internal performance 
  • To get insight into the customers deliver experience 
  • To recognize higher earnings and financial returns 

 Important aspects of freight and transport management; 

  • Planning and forecasting operations 

  • Integrating Technology

  • process improvements

  • application of data

  • better management of routing process

  • aggregating and centralizing data across booking process,

  • order management systems

  • warehouse management system


  Important factors which promote success in Freight and Transportation Management

  • Fulfilling Clients expectation by prioritizing customer experience 
  • Technology,

New trends in Freight and Transportation Management Trends for 2020  include ;

1. Digitizing different aspects of supply chain


Digital transformation is a significant process since it involves using new technologies to create or optimize internal business processes. It will help to gain valuable analytical data and get insights on internal operations and customers purchasing patterns. 

 It is important to digitize different aspects of supply chain which include; 

  • documentation

  • communication,

  • analytics,

  • process of booking order 

  • inventory management. 

2. increased adoption of cloud-based systems  

  integrating Cloud based platforms provide immense scalability   and hassle free  approach  to utilize advanced  IT  resources 


  • Automation is all set to define the future of supply chain success. 
  • Automation of documentation process is extremely important along with Automation of freight auditing and payment process. 
  • It is imperative to Automate and centralize the booking process so that precious time is not wasted in manually booking and confirming orders through different portals.
  • Automation will improve communication channels. 

 Transport management systems are rapidly adopting this innovative approach. Automation and artificial intelligence in supply chain procedures and freight management will form the next crucial trend for 2020. This will help in;

  • faster processing of information,
  • tracking shipments efficiently 
  • recognizing cost effective solutions 
  • load tendering automation will help to maintain balance  and transparency in the entire process  of transport management 
  1. Investing in skilled human resource 

Despite higher levels of automation and cloud-based solutions, it is important that the transportation provider has the proper team of dedicated experts. This will ensure that no matter where the customer is, professional help is readily available when needed. 

5.shifting to open sourced platforms

 Leading companies are developing open-source platforms which are designed to allow for customization at fast speed. Building these platforms will help  in reducing  overall cost and improving data flow.

 6.Getting connected fleet of vehicles 

More customers are demanding real-time track-and-trace capabilities. Connected. vehicles produce more dynamic data from electronic logging devices (ELD) and other on-vehicle systems including GPS location. This enables real-time tracking and allows for accurate estimated time of arrival. This Truck Booking technology greatly helps in scheduling adjustments whether that is rerouting due to anticipated highway delays or even rescheduling of pickups and deliveries as required 


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